Our  developers team developed a new concept of airdrop for Satoshi Token.Every day you see too more airdrops and tons of fake entries.We solve this problem.We are here for a long time.


We have a weekend limited airdrop to keep the community active.


  Airdrop Details:

Only for Senior,Hero and Legendary members.Rest of members can become investors.Our devs take this decision to prevent fake entries.Your  ETH address need to be on location on btctalk account profile.


First airdrop will start on 23 december.

Every weekend starting with 23 december will be an airdrop.




Structure of airdrop.

 December 2017 :

20 entries per weekend

500 SATH per user.

January 2018:

20 entries per weekend 

250 SATH per user.

February 2018:

20 entries per weekend

125 SATH per use

March 2018:

20 entries per weekend

62.5 SATH per user

On march will be the last free airdrop


In every month the amount of Satoshi Token will be halving.